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Tuesday, 2023-02-07, 3:34 PM
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Greetings Every body
i've been working a lot past few month and never got the chance to finish the server when monks was just released
last 2 weeks i've been working on a new server that would be amazing and special and very fun to play on
i finished near enough 90 percent of it i assure you you will enjoy it all chars database
is here since unitedco been down i still have it all the people that paid money to the server will get special items and gifts i'm so sorry for this taking so long but this will be back soon
Thanks every body for understanding and your Patience

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Greetings every body

I have a great news for every one i've been working on making a new server for the people who wanna try monk out and ninjas with every thing working like regular Conquer

updates will be here every time i get to do something new or gonna release it

hope you all like what im doing for you all and sorry for not being around much

Best Regards

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Patch 28has been released today

Patch contains
1. All nobility rank has been reset so new players can have chance in nobility
2. new items has been added Necklace & Bag ... Read more »
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After a long wait i'd like to announce that patch 27
has been released
New Items Rings & HeavyRings And Bracelets
From level 130 To 190

Download Patch From Here Or Here

Best Regards,
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    Patch 26 Has Been Released
Patch Contains:

* New DemonBox Quest To make leveling a lot easier
* Third Reborn & Fourth Reborn Price has been gone down to half
* A lot of other items and garments price has been reduced
* Guild Beast appears in Guild Area Every day at 21:00 GMT and Gives 8 Mil

And A Lot more
Download From Here Or Here
Best Regards,
... Read more »
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New Monstors Came out in Stone City Now

Level up Kill eachother & have fun :)

Best Regards.

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Greetings Every Body
Patch 25 Contains,

there been a lot of complains about how hard the 3rd reborn quest is
so i took a thought with the help of a friend of me
to make it for cps so we can get the game easier
and also the quest will still be there

Special thanks to *~Casper~* who helped with this idea

Best Regards,

Download Patch 25 From Here
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Greetings Every One,

I'm Glad to inform you that the aim bot has been disabled finally
I'm sorry it took some time to do this because
it aint an easy task but at least
now we can have some fair play and even more fun

Best Regards, KingStone[PM]

Download Normal Client version Of Patch 24 From Here

Download Installation Client Version Of Patch 24 From Here

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hello every body

i have said this before guys you have to use Play.exe Icon so u can start the game from
because it has an auto launcher it changes the ip automatically so you'll be able to
log in to the server

Thanks every one and whenever you wanna see if the server is online or offline
check the server status from here

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